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Armadillo Homes located on our majestic Zihuatanejo bay, a look into this bay will bring your mind to peace. With the task of potentializing this feeling in every home, we have come to create Armadillo Living a combination of first class design, luxury finishes, and views that make your home alive (5).gif

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Zihuatanejo a Pacific paradise of beautiful beaches, friendly people and easygoing lifestyle. Offers visitors the opportunity to see the more traditional side of Mexico. This pleasant picturesque fishing village with cobblestoned streets, single stories white houses and full of restaurants is what people from around the globe come to see, live and experience.

As it was once said; A little place in the Pacific Ocean. They say it has no memory.
— Shawshank Redemption.


With an exceptional location Armadillo Living has 18 apartments from 1 to 3 bedrooms, offers panoramic views of the complex and the renowned La Ropa Beach. Its organic design naturally generates very rich and attractive architectural forms. Offering luxury finishes with details that frame the magnificent view of the Pacific Coast.



With all the elegant warmth and vibrant spirit of Mexico, Armadillo Living welcomes guests with unsurpassed standards of care and unique services.
A true refuge for the pleasure and well-being that evokes the exclusive warmth and hospitality of Zihuatanejo. Let your individual experience of physical activity and well-being flow.